Tea is a Salubrious Drink

Tea is a salubrious drink.  A what?



              health-giving, healthy

Tea, high quality tea, is a health giving drink.

Camellia Sinensis is the scientific name for the shrub or tree whose leaves and buds are used to produce tea.  The origin of the tea plant dates back to ancient China.  That was the place on earth selected by the universe for tea to call its first home.  Tea was native to China and spread from there.

It is important to note that tea was first consumed for its medicinal properties.  And it was the task of the monks to ceremoniously care for the tea.  Such a hallowed drink.  

Today the many benefits of drinking tea are not a secret.  There are many, many scientific articles published on the benefits of drinking tea.  With its many polyphenols, flavonoids, catachins, tea is high in antioxidants good for reducing the risk of cancer.  The properties of tea maintain heart health and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.  Tea can  lower blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Tea has been linked to liver health.  It helps with weight loss, increasing metabolism, and aids in bone health and healthy teeth.  It's great for good skin and mental alertness.  Reduces the risk of depression.  And increases total mortality.


So click your heals, and jump up.  Make it your healthy habit.  Drink tea and enjoy life.