Gongfu Tea: How to Make our Tea

1.  Boil water then cleanse and heat the cups &  tea pot. (We recommend using spring or filtered water.)

2.  Add the Tea Leaves to the clay tea pot, filling it about 1/3rd with the dry tea leaves .

3.  Add the boiled water to the tea leaves in clay pot and pour off the first infusion to rinse the tea and open the leaves. Infuse for only a second. This pours off 95% of the caffeine in tea. By the 3rd or 4th infusion there is no more caffeine.

4.  Then to drink, each time infuse the tea for only 3 seconds. Do not let the leaves soak in water as this will ruin the tea. Such high quality tea only steep for 3 seconds. (Increase steep time only slightly as you reach the final infusions.  You'll know by color and taste when the tea has been exhausted.). This tea can be infused 10 - 15+ times, yielding about 1+ quart of tea.