Our 2017 China Tea Trip

music by: Garry Bakuniec   film by: Caleb Vinson

Watch Nathaniel Vinson and Dr. Ming Wu as they hike up Wuyi Mountain. Meet two of the tea masters and get a glimpse of tea picking and processing.

See what makes our tea so special.  Nurtured by nature, growing wild, clean and pure at the top of Wuyi Mountain.  Co existing amongst the fauna, floral and waterfalls. Habitating in the decayed volcanic rock. Enveloped by fog and misted with rain.

Hear why SonWu’s Teas are so high quality, with nutritive value and the energy and power to heal.

It is this relationship of the land, climate, purity, age of the tea tree, along wth the tea masters’ love for tea that makes SonWu Teas so health giving, and delicious.  Feel the spirit and vitality of the mountain in each cup of tea.