About Our Tea Masters

We had been drinking our tea masters’ tea for quite some time.  We had been introduced to their tea by our good friend Ming.

 Master Zheng who makes our puerhs, Master XU and Master Zhou from whom we get our Wuyi rock teas.  On our first trip we spent time with Master Zheng at his beautiful tea room in Guangzhou.  It was on our next trip that we were able to spend more time with Master Xu and Master Zhou on Wuyi Mountain visiting their small boutique tea farms.  

All the Tea Masters are very kind and sweet.  And each with his own spirit, personality and touch for making tea.  They have made it their way of life.  And approach the art with a deep reverence and respect for the tea, the ancient ways of tending to it, making it, and to the purity that it demands.  It has been their journey and spiritual path that they so graciously shared with us.  

Meeting them was humbling and inspirational.  For years and years they studied and continue to perfect their art.  Not boastful or haughty.  Gracious, kind, hospitable and giving.  They took the time to be with us, never tiring from our questions and need for an interpreter. That would be our good friend Ming, fluent in both English and Chinese. 

Hopefully one day, maybe by our next trip, we will be able to communicate in Mandarin.