About Our Tea

Our teas are pure.  They are some of the best, highest quality rare teas of China.  And we stand by that.  They are not mass produced and not for the commercial markets.  They grow wild, scattered across the top of the mountains, available only in limited quantities.  Our teas are from older tea trees.  Some planted by the universe, others may have been cultivated years ago. 

Mount Wuyi

Mount Wuyi

They grow in pristine environments, high in the mountains where the mist and dew refreshes and hydrates them.  Where the sun and moon kisses each leaf.  Where the exchange of air and qi is free of chemical sprays and pesticides.  And only the earth’s own natural nutrients enrich, nourish and energize them as their roots have been planted deeply for many, many years.  Each is rich in their expression of the biodiversity of their unique surroundings.   

They are all attended to by tea masters grounded in the traditions of the ancients.  Each vintage is processed as a result of a symbiotic spiritual relationship between the tea and the tea master.  During processing the tea master stays with the tea through picking,withering, bruising, kill green, rolling, and firing, throughout the day and sleepless nights, until he is satisfied that the true essence of the tea has been achieved.  For tea masters their craft is a way to enlightenment.  Tea is taken very seriously.  Their best teas are shared with only those to whom they’ve made a spiritual connection.  And to whom they know the spirit of the tea will be respected as imbibed.

Many of our teas our exclusive to us and the USA.