King's Raw Puerh, Spring 2009, Tea Master Zheng, Bulang Mountain

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King's Raw Puerh, Spring 2009, Tea Master Zheng, Bulang Mountain

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Aroma/Color/Taste:  This is the King of raw puerhs as its name indicates.  As puerhs mature their astringency diminishes.  And we've been holding onto this tea since 2009, testing it annually.  For the first several years it was still astringent, a bit bitter.  We tried in 2017 and WOW! It smells sweet with a strong woodsy taste.  It is thick and rich.  This tea will continue to mature.  You can drink and enjoy it now.  And if you choose to hold onto it for another 5-7 years, you'll be rewarded.  It will only get better.  The value of this tea continues to escalate in the market.

Puerhs age best in a high humidity climate.  But you can store it in a basement.

Location:  Our King's Puerh is from Bulang Mountain, in Yunnan Province, China.

Made by:  It was made by Master Zheng from tea trees over 400 years old.













Brews & Steeping:  Bring the water to a rolling boil.  Wait for the bubbling water to settle.  Pour off the first infusion to open the leaves.  For first drink, infuse for 3 seconds, pour and enjoy.  This tea can make 10-15 infusions.  Increase steep time only slightly longer as you reach the final infusions.  You'll know by the color and taste of the tea, when it has been exhausted.  We recommend using a small thick clay teapot and spring or filtered water.  Fill about 1/3 of your teapot or gaiwan with the leaves.

Our teas are packed and shipped with eco friendly packaging.

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