"Pure" Da Hong Pao, Spring 2016, Tea Master Xu, Wuyi Mountain Inner Circle

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"Pure" Da Hong Pao, Spring 2016, Tea Master Xu, Wuyi Mountain Inner Circle

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Aroma/Color/Taste:  This Da Hong Pao tea was made from cuttings from the original six famous Da Hong Pao tea trees on Jiu Long Ke from trees over 300 years old by Tea Master Xu.  Tea Master Xu was one of the tea masters who last cared for the original six trees before they were laid to rest.    That final batch made by him is now on display in the National Museum.  And the last 20 grams were auctioned off in 2005 for over $30,000.

He refers to this second generation Da Hong Pao as “Pure”, meaning original.  He used the old traditional methods of tea processing to make this tea.  It is a very rare and sought after tea.  This tea with a medium charcoal roast  has a sweet, caramel and chocolaty taste.  There is a light smokiness with a sweet and long after taste.  It is silky, rich and very complex after two infusions.

Drink this tea and you’ll understand why the original Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) was stored and secured in vaults and served only to the President and high officials of China.   This is the closest and as good as you’ll get to the original.  

Location:  This is from the inner circle of Wuyi Mountain.  In the upper center, Zhengyan, area.

Made by:  It was made by Tea Master XU using the old traditional methods of tea processing.  He put in three months of processing using his energy to express the flower in the tea.













Brews & Steeping:  Bring the water to a rolling boil.  Wait for the bubbling water to settle.  Pour off the first brew to open the leaves.  For first drink, infuse for 3 seconds, pour and enjoy.  This tea can make 10-15 infusions.  Increase steep time only slightly longer as you reach the final brews.  You'll know by the color and taste of the tea, when it has been exhausted.  We recommend using a small thick clay teapot and spring or filtered water.  Fill about 1/3 of your teapot or gaiwan with the leaves.

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