SonWu Blend, Oolong & Puerh, Tea Masters' High Mountain Teas

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SonWu Blend, Oolong & Puerh, Tea Masters' High Mountain Teas

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Aroma/Color/Taste: This is our signature blend of Wuyi Rock High Mountain Oolong and Nan Nuo Mountain Puerh.  The alchemy of these two teas is a pure marriage of goodness.  The two teas complement one another and bring out the best flavor in both.  It is very, very smooth, full, and rich with a delightful long finish.  The deep rich subtle earthiness of an aged puerh and the light choco roast of a true Wuyi Rock tea, gives this tea its depth and pleasing taste.  We know you’ll enjoy it!

Location: Wuyi and Nan Nuo Mountains, Fujian and Yunnan Province, respectively.  

Made by:  This is our blend, synthesized from our collection of our Tea Masters’ teas.  Always pure and chemical free.  















Packaging:  It comes packed in individual 7.5 gram packages.  Each package yields a single pot of tea which can be used for at least 10-15 infusions.  It is sold by the ounce, which equals four 7.5 gram packages.  The tea is specifically packed in small packages for single use to maximize and maintain the balance of the blend.

Brews & Steeping:  Bring the water to a rolling boil.  Wait for the bubbling water to settle.  Pour off the first infusion to open the leaves.  For first drink, infuse for 3 seconds, pour and enjoy.  This tea can make 10-15 infusions.  Increase steep time only slightly longer as you reach the final infusions.  You'll know by the color and taste of the tea, when it has been exhausted.  We recommend using a small thick clay teapot and spring or filtered water.  

Our teas are packed and shipped with eco friendly packaging.

Need a different size? Please contact us to see what's available.