Huang Guan Yin (105), Spring 2018, Tea Master Zhou, Wuyi Mountain Inner Circle

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Huang Guan Yin (105), Spring 2018, Tea Master Zhou, Wuyi Mountain Inner Circle

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Aroma/Color/Taste:  Huang Guan Yin, literally means Yellow Goddess of Mercy.  Called “105” by the tea masters, Master Zhou told us this tea was originally only made for the mayor of Wuyishan.   It was introduced in 2003 by the Fujian Tea Research Institute to the mountain and it is a cross between Huang Jin Gui and Tie Guan Yin. 

It has a beautiful yellowish caste.  It is soft, sweet, with a rich flavor and long mouth.  It starts out with a light floral fragrance and clean taste.  It is a very rare Wuyi tea.  Subtle and beautiful with a sweet, fine finish.  

Location:  This is from the inner circle, upper center, at the very top of Wuyi Mountain in the Zhengyan area.  This is a very prized location.

Made by:  It was made by Tea Master Zhou.














Brews & Steeping:  Bring the water to a rolling boil.  Wait for the bubbling water to settle.  Pour off the first infusion to open the leaves.  For first drink, infuse for 3 seconds, pour and enjoy.  This tea can make 10-15 infusions.  Increase steep time only slightly longer as you reach the final infusions.  You'll know by the color and taste of the tea, when it has been exhausted.  We recommend using a small thick clay teapot or gaiwan and spring or filtered water.  Fill about 1/3 of your teapot or gaiwan with the leaves.

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